My crafting area

Wow, I can't believe it's been 3 months since I posted last.  I did not fall off the face of the earth, just took some time to get some things sorted out.  I haven't had the time to participate in any challenges recently but maybe that will change.

Moxie Fab world is requesting that we upload pictures of our crafting spaces to promote the new Creative Spaces Volume 3.  I can honestly say that that I do not have volumes 1 or 2, but I love to look at other people's spaces.  I have a couple of day's of posts here.

First for 6/24 Show me your creative space, I am posting the following picture.

These are some display cases that my MIL got from a JCPennys remodel.  They worked out great as shelves for my craft area.

Second for 6/25 Show me your desk,  I am showing the following picture of my desk area

Last night in preparation of taking pictures, I cleaned up my entire area, that includes going through all of my scraps and color coding the solid colors and cutting 6x6 sheets of my patterned paper (I learned this wonderful organization tip from the Papercrafts blog last summer).  I felt so good when it was done though.  So my desk is very clean and organized, don't worry it doesn't last.  I get started on a project then I have everything on my desk again and I'll only have this really tiny space to actually work on. 

Thanks for checking out my area.  I plan to blog a bit more than I have been (can't get much worse than not blogging).


  1. Very cozy crafting space!! TFS!!

  2. Fun to see a couple pics of your space - hope you are doing well! And hope you have a great night!!


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